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    – Austdoor implements the electronic warranty method, information about the warranty policy and period is officially listed on the website of Austdoor Group. – The company only warrants for synchronous doors (synchronous doors include: Door body, Shaft, Ray, Winch and genuine accessories provided by Austdoor), any damage of doors or related accessories. Installation with non-genuine accessories will not be covered by the warranty. – The entire door body, control box, winch (motor), UPS, lock, wall button… of Austdoor are stamped or printed with the Austdoor logo and added security stamps. Austdoor’s practice. – In case of damage, problems, please contact Austdoor Sales Agents or Service and Customer Care Center via switchboard number:


    • Door body and associated accessories are not synchronized, no Austdoor labels.
    • On the door body and accessories, there is no warranty stamp or the warranty stamp is torn, erased, expired.
    • Customers arbitrarily dismantle and repair before Austdoor’s technical staff comes to warranty without Austdoor’s consent.
    • The product is not operating properly.
    • The product is damaged due to the impact of mechanical force causing deformation, falling, scratches.
    • The product is short-circuited, burnt due to electricity, water, insects.
    • Product damaged by natural disaster, fire.
    • Damaged doors due to installation of non-genuine accessories (Winch Kit, Shaft, UPS, …) will not be covered by the warranty.
    • Other causes that are not manufacturer’s fault.
  • In order to make it easier for customers to check genuine rolling door products and the warranty period of Austdoor products, Austdoor Group would like to guide you to use SMS electronic warranty stamps quickly and accurately.

    SMS electronic warranty stamp is a solution to help customers look up information about genuine products and warranty period very conveniently and accurately by composing a phone message (sms) sent to Total number of customers. radio 8085.

    At the same time, with the use of electronic warranty stamps on all genuine rolling door product lines and accessories, Austdoor Group wishes to have a close connection with consumers in the fight against counterfeiting, Poor quality products are still being sold floating in the market.

    Instructions to check information from SMS electronic warranty stamps are as follows:

    Step 1:

    First, you need to carefully check that all rolling door products and accessories are stamped with Austdoor electronic warranty stamps. (the location of stamping is illustrated by the image at the bottom of this article)

    Austdoor’s electronic warranty stamp has a size of 2cm x 4m, the content on the stamp includes:

    + Austdoor logo printed with Kangaroo and sharp words AUSTDOOR

    + Phone number of Customer Care Center: 1900.6828

    + Official website address: www.austdoor.com

    + The product code is covered with silver and the text message instructions to check the genuine product and the warranty period.

    + Product Serial Number

    Step 2:

    Lightly scratch the silver-coated part on the electronic warranty stamp to get the code

    Step 3:

    Compose a message with the following syntax: SP <Code>, then send to 8085

    Right after that, you will receive an automatic message from Call Center 8085 about product information.

    Step 4:

    Double check by comparing the Serial number information on the message with the Serial number printed on the Stamp.

    If the above characters match, the rolling door product is a genuine product manufactured by genuine Austdoor and you are entitled to a free rolling door warranty at Austdoor. Austdoor electronic warranty stamps need to be kept intact, not blurred with product codes and serial numbers to facilitate future information retrieval and as a basis for Austdoor’s rolling door technical team to check. and free repair for products within warranty period.

    In addition, for careful advice on choosing to buy Austdoor rolling doors that are suitable for your needs as well as to visit the sample product system, Austdoor Group recommends that you go directly to Austdoor’s authorized dealers on nationwide.

    In case of needing further assistance, please contact Customer Service Center: 1900.6828.

    Illustrate the position of the warranty stamp on the product positions:

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